Sebastopol maintains top spot in tight game

SEBASTOPOL continues its strong season, taking the top spot on the ladder after beating Central Wendouree 99 to 80 in the Ballarat Geelong Premier division bowls. 

Central Wendouree skipper John Nunn said his team was quite competitive throughout the game, but was unable to secure the win.

“We had our chances to come though, but unfortunately we got beaten,” Nunn said.

“Everyone put on a good performance though. Three of our rinks were quite close.” 

At afternoon tea, Central Wendouree was 24 shots down. They worked hard to get within 12 shots of the top team, before Sebastopol came home strongly. 

Sebastopol skipper Ian Warner said he was happy with how the side was doing, but it was a tight game for most of the match.

“Brad Oates’ and Andrew Myers’ rinks got on top late to ensure a victory,” Warner said. 

Myers’ rink finished 27 to 19 against John Glenton and Oates’ rink finished 32 to 22 against Eric Kosloff. 

John Nunn’s rink was leading by one in the last end, after an unlucky bowl knocked the jack into the ditch, so Sebastopol dropped two shots to lose by one. 

Warner said his own rink had an eventful ending, too. 

“I led by one shot in the last end up against Col Johnson, before Johnson knocked the jack into the ditch to draw the rink and get one point for Central Wendouree,” he said. 

The teams drew on 20. 

In another Ballarat side head-to-head, Victoria beat Webbcona with split rinks 96 to 87 at Webbcona. Ash McArthur’s and Bret Mahoney’s rinks won in narrow victories of three shots against Victoria, and Victoria’s Jarrod Burt also only won marginly by two shots. 

It was Barry Clark’s rink that earned the win for Victoria, finishing 13 shots up against Ben McArthur 30 to 17. 

Tournament favourite Ocean Grove was too strong for Avenue, finishing with a 30 shot lead, 119 to 89. Glen Sargent’s rink was able to earn two points for Avenue, beating Craig Hodges’ rink 24 shots to 21.

Geelong West had a 20 shot win against Highton 101 to 91, taking two of the rinks and a draw. 

Bareena won in all four rinks against Lara, winning comfortably 121 to 87. 

LADDER: SEBASTOPOL 107 points, 7 wins; VICTORIA 107, 6; OCEAN GROVE 104, 6; BAREENA 92, 5; Webbcona 85, 5; Geelong West 81, 5; Avenue 47, 2; Lara 44, 2; Highton 30, 1; Central-Wendouree 23, 1.