Grants help youth get message across

The National Youth Week grants have helped young people across Australia put their words into action. 

Locally, they helped Ballarat Secondary College get across a message of good mental health. 

“They’ve really helped our school promote ideas around dealing with anxiety and depression,” say school counselor Saskia Boersma. Mrs Boersma said that they decided to do something different with their money. “We wanted to do something that was really visual,” she said. “The Wellbeing Wall is designed to raise awareness about young people with anxiety and depression.”

The four students involved were allowed to let their imaginations run wild on the theme and design. 

“We brought in Melbourne street artist Michael Fikaris and he worked with us for three days,” Mrs Boersma said. 

Student Hollie Tanti said the project was about getting help if you needed it. 

“It’s OK for people to speak up about their problems,” she said.

Other projects in Ballarat region which were funded by grants include a Moonlight Cinema and a youth leadership forum. 

The National Youth Week Grants for 2013 are now open for local groups and schools until December 7, 2012.