A dry spring for city's gardens

If you thought the garden was looking a little parched, you might well be right.

 With only 8.4mm of rain recorded in Ballarat until yesterday the city is headed for one of the driest Novembers in a century.

 The lowest recorded rainfall for the month was 7.4 mm in 1911.

 Ballarat’s average rainfall in November of 56.7mm is almost eight times the amount that has fallen so far and with only five days left November looks set to cap off a drier than average spring.

 Ballarat has so far recorded only 83.8mm of rain since the beginning of spring compared to a long-term average of 195.4mm. 

Weatherzone is predicting light showers today and tomorrow before the temperature soars into the 30s on Thursday. 

Rain on Friday may also come too late to ease a Spring that has fallen well short of expectations, as 9am Friday is the Bureau’s official end of the month. 

The Bureau of Meteorology has also used its long-term computer modelling to predict a 70 per cent chance of exceeding the mean temperature over the next three months.

 So if the tomatoes are crying out for a drink perhaps it is a good time to give them one.