Tick Tock festival to reinstate Gordon clock

FOR 35 years, the historic Gordon Post Office clock has been right just twice a day. 

Stuck on 7.27 for decades, the clock is about to get a new lease on life through a full restoration, and will be unveiled at the Gordon Tick Tock Community Festival on Saturday. 

The clock was installed around 1900 and for decades kept the community on time – but it lost its tick in 1977 after renovations to the building made it unreachable for winding every seven days. 

Gordon postmaster Fritz Voser said he decided to reinstate the clock when he purchased the building in October 2010. 

“Every postmaster who ever worked here since the 1900s has signed their name on the edge of the clock,” he said. 

“It is really the living history of this town and I thought it had to be restored. We will start the clock at 7.27 on Saturday and I think it will live on here for a very long time.” 

The clock was made in England for Australia’s Postmaster General and is thought to have been installed by a German watch maker working in Australia.

It carries the traditional markings of post office clocks in Australia, including the serial number 113. 

Mr Voser said he plans to add a special commemorative plaque marking the clock’s restoration. 

Gordon Tick Tock Community Festival organiser Paddy Mitchell said the town was expected to come out in force to see time start again in Main Street. 

“The festival kicks off at 5pm and there will be 40 or 50 stalls with food, street performers, a sausage sizzle, jumping castle, classic car display and Christmas shopping,” she said. 

“When we started sending out the information, the whole community said they were excited to see the clock turned back on.” 

Ms Mitchell thanked local businesses and the Gordon SES for sponsoring the event. 

For more information on the Gordon Tick Tock Community Festival, call 5368 9866.