Rockabilly festival to hit Ballarat this summer

PUT on your dancing shoes, a new music festival is making its way to Ballarat.

The Ballarat Rockabilly Beat Festival will hit the city in February and is expected to attract up to 10,000 visitors.

Spawned from the original Camperdown Rockabilly Beat Festival, the three-day 1950s fest is set to become one of the biggest rockabilly festivals in the world, according to event directors.

With 36 bands (including four international bands) on the bill already, event organiser Arthur Matsakos said the event promised to become a big deal for Ballarat.

Also featuring car, fashion and burlesque shows, the festival will transform Ballarat  into a city of yesteryear.

“It has the potential to become the largest in Australia and become known across the world,” Mr Matsakos said.

The event is one of a number of events earmarked by Ballarat Regional Tourism in its latest tourism campaign.

The Ballarat Summer Fling campaign was launched yesterday, in a bid to lure people to the city at a time when people tended to go to the beach.

Major events such as the Cycling Australian National Road Championships and the Ballarat Beer Festival are also among the list of attractions.

“Events like this are a major plank of Ballarat,” said Ballarat Regional Tourism director George Sossi.

“Instead of purely sporting events, we are putting forward Ballarat as a cultural destination as well.”

Tickets for the Ballarat Rockabilly Beat Festival can be purchased at