Best O'Lake to get Ballarat moving

BALLARAT runners, joggers and walkers will be out in force tomorrow morning as they take part in the inaugural Best O’Lake event.

The initiative aims to improve the public health proï¬ le of the Ballarat region through regular training and time-trial events at the beginning of each season.

With underground microchip technology, participants can purchase a timing chip for $10 and have their lap of the lake recorded and transmitted to an easy to use website.

Once the event is run and won, runners can take their timing chip home and keep training in time for next season’s meet.

“The overall aim is to get all Australians who want to be fitter and healthier and want to lose some weight into a program that’s going to beneficial,” said program coordinator Ian Bennett.

“Basically it’s the health of Ballarat ... and we want to get ourselves up.

“It’s not just about the physical activity, it’s about how to set goals, how to do it, how to improve and the motivation to keep going.”

Best O’Lake will kick off at 8am today from the Sails on the Lake car park, and everyone is encouraged to join in.

“Were trying to get 20,000 people in Ballarat into our program,” Mr Bennett said.

“The idea is to get a large number of people joining in and we want to make it easy.”

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