Diesel trickles back in Ballarat

DIESEL has started to trickle back into Ballarat.

A few Ballarat petrol stations reported yesterday they had started to get diesel deliveries after an electrical fault at Shell’s Geelong plant halted production over the past week.

A spokesman for Scott Petroleum at the corner of Latrobe Street and Wiltshire Lane said the fuel had been “dribbling” back in.

“We got a small delivery,” the spokesman said.

Truck driver Gary Cotter of Colac’s Clearwater Logging and Transport, who was filling up with diesel at the service station, said he hadn’t experienced any problems with diesel supply.

“I haven’t missed a beat but I know they’ve had problems back at the depot,” Mr Cotter said.

Eureka Concrete batching manager Jason Beaston said they had rationed diesel supply to their 34 trucks.

“We’re only allowing 200 litres per truck per day but that’s enough,” Mr Beaston said.

“We would normally put in 400 to 500 litres.

“We’re running to normal at the moment but we will be worried if it’s not fixed by the end of the week.”

A Ballarat Taxis spokesperson said its Doveton Street North service station had been out of diesel for a few days.

“Our taxis run on LPG and petrol so they’re running as normal but it’s hit a number of our fuel stop clients hard,” the spokesperson said.

Local bus companies were given diesel rations to keep them on the roads and prevent disruptions to public and school timetables, while emergency services were also given supplies.

However, Australia Post was hit hard by the shortage, with regional centres, including Ballarat, among the worst affected, with mail deliveries expected to be delayed over the next few days.

Shell spokesperson Paul Zennaro said diesel production would be ramped up in the next few days.