Thieves snatch bikes from fast food store

A DELACOMBE mother has called for thieves to return two valuable bikes stolen from a Sebastopol fast food restaurant last week. 

Sarah Baldock said her son Brayden suffered minor injuries after the thieves threw rocks at him and a friend when their bikes were stolen from the KFC store in Albert Street. 

Police are investigating the theft of Brayden’s three-month-old Garrett Reeves Sunday X bike along with another one belonging to friend Wilson Murphy from outside the store last Wednesday. 

Despite pricetags of $800 and $1500, the bikes were left in a group outside the store without locks. 

“They rode their bikes to KFC and were having lunch and saw a group of 16 or 17-year-olds come into the shop and look around,” Ms Baldock said.

“Then they grabbed two of the bikes and took off so when Brayden chased after them they hurled rocks at him.”

Brayden, 13, had minor injuries to his face and neck after the incident. 

KFC staff are expected to supply CCTV footage to investigators in coming days as Ms Baldock appealed for public help in finding the much-loved bikes. 

“All of Brayden’s Christmas presents are to go with the bike, which he got for his birthday, so I really hope it can be returned along with Wilson’s bike.” 

“Anyone who sees the bike will know it’s the one. It is ice green in colour and it’s the only one of its kind here in Ballarat.” 

Police warned owners to use secure bike locks when leaving bikes in public places. 

Anyone with information about the theft can contact Ballarat Police on 5336 6000 or Crime Stoppers on 

1800 333 000.