Ballarat braces for heatwave: residents seek ways to keep cool

BALLARAT residents were hard at work trying to beat the heat yesterday, finding anyway they could to keep cool.

The city sweltered with the mercury reaching 35.2 degrees at 5pm. 

The pools were packed while many went to the cinemas to enjoy a couple of hours of air conditioned comfort.

And the hot weather looks here to stay with 37 predicted for today, followed by days of 27, 28, 36 and 29.

Cold Rock on Sturt Street was particularly busy selling ice creams.

Business owner Robyn Harmer said there was a direct link between the temperature and sales.

“The hottest days are definitely the busiest,” she said. 

“I’m hopeful that with the higher temperatures coming there will also be a higher number of customers walk in the door.”

Ms Harmer said she had put on extra staff for the hottest days and was well-prepared to cope with increased demand.

Black Hill pool manager Carly Schintler said the pool was a popular place for people to go to cool off with about 200 people taking a dip.

“We’ve been fairly busy since we opened at 12 and had a lot of people for this size pool,” she said.

“The pool is cold so it’s nice and there’s lots of kids running around and having fun.  It’s a pretty good atmosphere regardless of the heat. It’s definitely one day that it’s better that this pool is so cold.”

Rob from Ballarat Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Services said his phone had been ringing off the hook on Wednesday and yesterday. 

“As soon as it gets hot, the calls start coming in at a rate too quick for us to take each day,” he said. 

“I must have had 50 calls but one of the biggest troubles with refrigeration and air conditioning is that people need it done instantly.” 

He said homeowners should plan ahead as much as possible and remember that with high temperatures comes high demand for cooling repairs and services. 

“We try and help regular customers and places we have done installation first and then get to other people but when it is busy it can take a day or two,” he said.