Slow movers settle into their new home at the Ballarat Wildlife Park 

The hottest property this summer may just be home to Ballarat Wildlife Park’s slowest movers.

Hugo the Aldabra giant tortoise and his friends have packed up and moved home for the first time since the park’s opening in 1985.

Slowly but steadily, the tortoises are settling into their new paradise and are ready for visitors.

It’s all about palm trees and plenty of shrubs for the shelled reptiles, with a state-of-the-art heated enclosure recently being finished and ready for occupancy. 

Bigger than the last, the new enclosure has more shade and a bigger pond for the tortoises to enjoy.

Ballarat Wildlife Park’s Lauren Rix said the mix of Aldabra and Burmese Brown Tortoises were still nervous about the move but were settling in well to their new home.

“It is a very exciting move for them,” she said.

“Hugo seems pretty comfy in there at the moment, walking around and enjoying himself, while Shelly and the others are still warming to it.”