Deputy premier praises warning systems

VICTORIAN Deputy Premier Peter Ryan has praised the state’s warning systems following the devastating fire at Chepstowe on Tuesday afternoon.

Mr Ryan viewed some of the damage yesterday before speaking to the media in Snake Valley.

He acknowledged that at least one person in the fire-affected area had not received the Fire Ready app alerts, but praised the system as a whole.

“The vast majority are saying the system worked and worked very very well,” he said.

“If it is that, for whatever reason, there was a person who did not receive the alert there will be an inquiry conducted into all of this and a response to it.”

Mr Ryan said any issues with the Country Fire Authority website were confined to the map.

“Again that will be looked at very, very carefully and imminently I might say.”

 Last week, on what was one of the hottest days of the past 12 months, the CFA’s Fire Ready app broke down, with users recommended to delete the app and reinstall it. 

The CFA incident warning website was also running extremely slowly.

People affected by the bushfires can register with the Red Cross at or by calling the State Inquiry Centre on 1800 727 077.

If you require support or need assistance with recovery call the City of Ballarat’s customer service line on 5320 5500.

To donate to the Red Cross bushfire appeal call 1800 727 077.