50 towns: the living is easy in Creswick

NEVILLE Cartledge moved to Creswick as a one-year-old and 74 years later is yet to live anywhere else.

A fourth-generation Creswickian, Mr Cartledge says the town he has known his entire life is the perfect place to live.

Close to Ballarat, while still boasting everything needed for everyday living, Mr Cartledge says Creswick has everything you will ever need.

Once a town of 25,000 people, many of Creswick’s grand old buildings were built during the lucrative gold rush period and serve as constant reminders of the wealth that once flooded the town.

However, aside from the historic buildings, little evidence remains of the gold mining days.

John La Gerch began replanting forest areas ravaged by mining activity in 1882, making Creswick the forestry town it is today.

University of Melbourne currently runs its School of Forestry and Ecosystem in Creswick, with many of today’s current foresters having learnt the ropes in the town.

For Mr Cartledge, a veteran CFA volunteer and Scout member, the best thing about Creswick is its aged health care.

And although many of the Creswick District Nursing Home residents found themselves in a moment of strife when the town was hit by floods in 2010 and 2011, they have once again settled in the state-of-the-art facilities.

“The floods caused a fair amount of grief in the town but like any disaster, they did bring the community together,” said Mr Cartledge.

“It’s a pretty close-knit community we have now. It’s a nice quiet town, it’s very close to Ballarat but it has got everything most people will ever need.”

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