On Tap: Ballarat pubs showcased in magazine

Many of us love to have a good yarn over a cold drink. Come five o’clock, the local pub is a sanctuary to let off steam and enjoy a cold beer.

But what makes a good pub? 

Luckily, I was given the job yesterday afternoon to find out.

I could say it is simply a place to sit and share a drink with friends, but it really is a whole lot more. 

A pub is an important place, somewhere to meet and socialise – not just with your friends but with the city.

At the pub, there are no enemies. We are all mates sharing our life stories with strangers we only ever see in the same seat at the same bar every Friday night.

The pub is the one place where the outside world can seem to disappear.

Pubs are a big part of Ballarat’s rich history, and free with tomorrow’s edtion of The Courier, On Tap magazine will take you on a tour of discovery of the people and stories behind the city’s pubs. 

Sponsored by Carlton & United Breweries, the 24 page magazine is a complete guide to Ballarat and district pubs.