Titles go on line today in Ballarat Country Tennis Association junior country week

TITLES go on the line in Ballarat Country Tennis Association junior country week on Mt Prospect’s lawn courts at Creswick today.

Mt Prospect is the hot favourite to claim the under-19A pennant.

The home team completed its domination of the four days of round-robin competition with wins over Ballarat and Geelong Red yesterday.

It meets Geelong Red again in a semi-final for a grand final berth.

Buninyong and Ballarat can expect a much tighter contest in their semi-final.

They finished second and third respectively, separated by just one point, two sets and four games.

Geelong Green finished a long way clear on top in under-19B/C, Ballarat topped under-14A/B and Geelong led under-14C

Ballarat has gone straight through to the under-14A grand final and will meet the winner of Geelong Green and Mt Prospect Black.

Buninyong Black is automatically in the under-14B grand final.

It plays the winner of Buninyong Red and Mt Prospect White.



UNDER-19A: Geelong Red 5-57 d Buninyong 3-52, Mt Prospect 5-61 d Ballarat 2-46, Geelong Blue bye.

UNDER-19B/C: Ballarat 6-62 d Geelong White 2-49, Geelong Green 6-65 d Mt Prospect 2-38.

UNDER-14A/B: Ballarat 6-59 d Mt Prospect Black 2-38, Buninyong Black 8-72 d Mt Prospect White 0-20, Geelong Green 8-72 d Buninyong Red 0-23.

UNDER-14 BOYS: Ballarat One 3-33 d Ballarat Three 1-22, Geelong 4-36 d Ballarat Two 0.9.


UNDER-19A: Ballarat 6-63 d Geelong Blue 2-37, Mt Prospect 7-65 d Geelong Red 1-29, Buninyong bye.

UNDER-19B/C: Mt Prospect 3-40 d Ballarat 3-38, Geelong Green 6-63 d Geelong White 2-46.

UNDER-14A-B: Ballarat 8-72 d Buninyong Red 0-18, Mt Prospect Black 6-65 d Buninyong Black 2-40, Geelong Green 8-72 d Mt Prospect White 0-16.

UNDER-14 THREE: Geelong 4-36 d Ballarat One 0-10, Ballarat Three 2-29 d Ballarat Two 2-25.


UNDER-19A: Mt Prospect 64 points, 172.84 percentage; Buninyong 40, 94.15; Ballarat 39, 97.71; Geelong Red 38, 95.21; Geelong Blue 18, 69.33.

UNDER-19B/C: Geelong Green 67, 136.31; Ballarat 41, 98.80; Mt Prospect 38, 87.24; Geelong White 32, 84.78.

UNDER-14A-B: Ballarat 82, 186.62; Geelong Green 70, 155.13; Mt Prospect Black 56, 116.67; Buninyong Black 55, 120.67; Buninyong Red 32, 71.34; Mt Prospect White 5, 27.40.

UNDER-14C: Geelong 51, 261.32; Ballarat One 36, 130.77; Ballarat Three 12, 62.64; Ballarat Two 9, 53.03.



UNDER-19A: first, Mt Prospect v Geelong Red, courts 16-15; second, Buninyong v Ballarat, 14-13.

UNDER-14A: Geelong Green v Mt Prospect Black, courts 3-4.

UNDER-14B: Buninyong Red v Mt Prospect White, courts 5-6.

UNDER-14C: first, Geelong v Ballarat (2) court 11; second, Ballarat (1) v Ballarat (1) court 12.