Prettiest pooches pucker up for show

ALL were primped for an important day out but it was a Pyrenean mountain dog that stole judges’ hearts.

Vivienne James and Tania Kirkland’s supreme champion Barreges Theoden was crowned best dog at the Ballarat Dog Club championship show.

Barreges Theoden, an Australian-bred dog, was among 638 contestants at Morshead Park on Sunday.

He edged out Lyndall Black’s champion Briarmist Bushranger, a long-haired dachshund, to be Ballarat’s best.

Top puppy went to M.B. Carmac’s toy poodle Chezjolie Frilly Knickers.

Ballarat Dog Club member Dot Harrison said each breed had its own standards for size, coat, movement, true bite, walk and colour combinations (some including nose colour).

German shepherds also had a specialty division in the championships.

Dog owners from across the state put their pooches on show against a strong Ballarat contingent.