The Ballarat Nugget has renewed the love affair for gold

THE recent discovery of a gold nugget, officially named The Ballarat Nugget, has added to the renewed love affair with gold prospecting.

The 5.5kg nugget was last week sold within Australia to an undisclosed buyer for an undisclosed price. A replica of the golden whopper is now on display at the Ballarat Mining Exchange Gold Shop in Lydiard Street North.

When the nugget was initially discovered, its price was estimated to be more than $250,000.

Just like the Welcome Nugget, the 69.98kg monster discovered at Bakery Hill in 1858, The Ballarat Nugget is expected to go down in history.

However, here’s hoping that the recently discovered gold does not end up suffering the same fate as the Welcome Nugget, which was melted a year after it was unearthed.

Experts say gold is worth more in its natural nugget form, rather than being melted down to make jewellery and the like.

Melting The Ballarat Nugget, which created international headlines – even a mention on the Ellen show in the US last week – would be a great loss for not only Ballarat, but for Australia.

While it was much smaller than the Welcome Nugget, which was considered the largest unearthed until the discovery of the Welcome Stranger 10 years later, The Ballarat Nugget is still of great historical significance.

Ballarat Mining Exchange Gold Shop owner Cordell Kent said he received several offers from groups who wanted to pay for its naming rights, which were declined.

There could be no other name for this 5.5kg whopper than The Ballarat Nugget.

Love today, love every day

TODAY is Valentine’s Day. That one day in the year when loved-up couples declare their feelings towards each other, when florists are swept off their feet delivering flowers and when marriage proposals abound.

Tens of thousands of floral arrangements are expected to be delivered to homes and offices today. Restaurant staff are expected to be run off their feet with couples celebrating this special day. 

But just a reminder that a declaration of love should not be left to just February 14. Remember to tell your loved ones that you love them all the time.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Gold Shop owner Cordell Kent with a replica of The Ballarat Nugget which has been sold.

Gold Shop owner Cordell Kent with a replica of The Ballarat Nugget which has been sold.