What women want in the bedroom

AUSTRALIAN women are still being kept up all night by Fifty Shades of Grey.

But this time it’s for the real deal, rather than just reading about Christian Grey’s boudoir behaviour.

A Mills & Boon and New Idea 2013 Australian Romance Report shows 25 per cent of Australian women are having more sex than they did a year ago.

They also want to read more erotic fiction and are being more adventurous in the bedroom since the arrival of the E.L. James blockbuster trilogy.

Collins Booksellers on Sturt buyer Tracey Willersdorf said they were also stocking much more erotica than they had in the past.

“Romance has turned into more erotica,” Ms Willersdorf said.

“Since 50 Shades of Grey, there is a lot more out there.

“Erotica is huge now and there’s even some for men too.”

Ms Willersdorf said the latest rising erotica author was Sylvia Day, whose novels, including Bared To You and Reflected In You, have made the New York Times bestselling lists.

But it seems nothing still beats a good old-fashioned pash.

The survey also showed almost 50 per cent of women fantasise about a passionate kiss, compared to 19 per cent wanting to be tied up and only 6 per cent aspiring to join the mile high club.

While erotic fiction has opened doors in 26 per cent of the surveyed women’s sex lives, it hasn’t translated into actual activity, with only 1 per cent enjoying S&M, compared to 56 per cent who much prefer a kiss and cuddle.

As for the top romantic gestures, 48 per cent rated remembering the small details as the most important, followed by being protective.

And the deal-breakers when it comes to romance and the Australian man include being needy, being glued to a phone, being married to work and still living with his parents.

New Idea editor-in-chief Kim Wilson said the research findings offered a unique glimpse into the nation’s romantic and sex life.

“While bedroom confidence and experimentation are definitely on the up, the fact that a passionate kiss still ranks as the number one ‘fantasy’ speaks volumes about what really wins the hearts of Australian women today,” Ms Wilson said.