Tattoo promised for an Ellen visit

HOW far would you go to get your idol to visit your hometown? If you answered by getting their face tattooed onto your skin, then you’ve got something in common with Adam Slater.

The 24-year-old is Ballarat’s biggest Ellen DeGeneres fan and he’s willing to prove it by getting the talkshow queen’s face inked on his body. He only has one condition: that Ellen visits Ballarat on her upcoming tour.

“I’d love her to come see Sovereign Hill and all that. We’ve got a bit to offer,” he said.

“I’d just like to meet her, to sit down and have a beer with her. The stories that she could tell and I could tell her. She’s so inspirational and lifts your life back up.”

  Mr Slater said his affinity for Ellen began four years ago, after he had a car accident. Long

days on the couch brought him closer to the

daytime talk star.

“All of a sudden you just get hooked. Every single show you’re either in laughing fits or in tears. Now I don’t miss it. If we ever have to go somewhere I’ll say: ‘Nah, after Ellen’,” he added.

Ellen’s ability to “help everyone” and be there for them was a big reason for his worship, Mr Slater said.

“I see how her spirit makes anyone happy. That’s why I want to get her face tattooed, because just seeing her face makes people laugh.”

So which piece of prime flesh real estate is being set aside for Ellen’s smiling likeness?

“Either up on my arm or the back of my calf. ” he said.

Ellen is due to bring her top-rating show to Melbourne next month.