Kryal Castle jousters to compete in major tournament

Two of Ballarat’s brave knights will compete in Australia’s biggest and oldest jousting tournament.

Kryal Castle’s Justin Holland and Wayne Rigg will take on Australian and international jousters on July 6 and 7 at the Abbey Medieval Festival in Brisbane.

Mr Holland won the tournament last year. He has been jousting since the early 1990s, when he hit the books to learn about the sport.

“It was myself and another bloke, this was pre-internet ... we would just get what we could out of books. It was a lot of trial and error and there were a lot of errors,” Mr Holland said.

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Mr Holland said he could not get dressed without an extra pair of hands to secure the 25 to 30 kilogram protective armour.

Mr Rigg, who has been jousting for about five years, said his armour veered away from traditional medieval tunics.

“The Eureka flag on my shield and tunic goes with Ballarat. I’m happy to be representing Ballarat with what I’ve got on.

“It’s the best protection you can get when someone is running at you on a 600 kilogram horse with a stick trying to kill you.”