Bubble Ball Soccer: Video

DO you bruise easily and love indoor soccer? Maybe this is the sport for you.

Bubble soccer, a craze that has swept across Europe, has made its way to Ballarat.

Major League Indoor Sports has been running social trial runs of Bubble Soccer this week, with competitors hurling themselves at the ball (and the opposition) in protective inflatable balls.

Upside down, sideways and backwards, there are few rules in bubble soccer apart from having fun.

The balls arrived on Wednesday morning and have been an instant hit at Major League, the first venue in Victoria to host bubble soccer.

Co-owner Darren Leech said the instant feedback from the 'sport' far outweighed expectations.

"You see some things from overseas and you wonder if they're going to work, but we saw it as a no-brainer when we saw these," he said.

"People are a bit apprehensive at the start but as soon as they go over once they realise they can't get hurt and they love it."

For now, bubble soccer will be restricted to social bookings, but there is a possibility of introducing official competitions.

To book, call Major League on 5331 4000.