Three more candidates added to ballot paper

The Sex Party, Family First and Rise Up Australia are the three last-minute inclusions to the election race for Ballarat in 2013.

Ten candidates will be listed on the House of Representatives ballot paper for the seat of Ballarat.

Anne Foster from the Australian Christians scored the number 1 spot, while incumbent Labor MP Catherine King drew number 10.

Candidates had until midday on Thursday to nominate with the Australian Electoral Commission.

The ballot draw took place at midday on Friday.

On Tuesday, six candidates took part in a debate at the University of Ballarat, with a seventh, the Katter Australia Party’s Shane Dunne, making an apology.

Of the newcomers announced at the Ballot draw, Ana Rojas will contest the seat for Rise up Australia, Joshua Mathieson for the Sex Party and Shane Clark for Family First.

The Federal election will be held on September 7. After yesterday’s ballot draw, the ballot paper for the House of Representatives in the seat of Ballarat will look like this:

1. Foster, Anne - Australian Christians

2. Rojas, Ana - Rise up Australia

3. Dunne, Shane - Katter’s Australia Party

4. Mathieson, Joshua - Sex Party

5. Hodgins-May, Stephanie - Australia Greens

6. Fitzgibbon, John - Liberal Party

7. Vereker, Stephen - Democratic Labor Party

8. Murphy, Gerard - Palmer United Party

9. Clark, Shane - Family First

10. King, Catherine - Australian Labor Party