Police unable to confirm if investigation has started into why pet dog was shot

POLICE would not say if an investigation had been started into why a pet dog was shot at a Ballarat house.

The bull mastiff was shot and killed after two Ballarat police members attended a Wendouree West property on Tuesday morning. 

Police said the dog was running at the officers in a “threatening manner” and forced them to take protective action. 

Ballarat North police Sergeant Nathan Gardiner said an investigation would be conducted into the incident in accordance with Victoria Police policy and reasonable force provisions.

A police spokeswoman said investigations were continuing into whether the dog was registered.

The City of Ballarat did not return The Courier’s phone calls yesterday asking if the dog had been registered. 

The police spokeswoman said police attended the address in relation to an “ongoing investigation”.

“When they arrived at the property a dog has approached the members aggressively, leading to them fearing they were in danger of being attacked,” she said.

“A male senior constable has fired a shot at the animal, killing it.”

The spokeswoman said under Victoria Police guidelines, members are able to use their firearm or other equipment to deter attacking animals.

“A use of force report will now be filed in relation to the incident.”

Renee Fraser, the partner of the owner’s son Craig, said on Tuesday that the dog was registered and had not been aggressive in the past.



Owner Craig Harrison with the dead dog Brusier.

Owner Craig Harrison with the dead dog Brusier.