IT expert's online hub for parents needing help 

A LOCAL IT expert has plans to create an online hub for parents under pressure to find help.

Louise Jones said she was concerned about the number of Ballarat students who faced challenging conditions at home and would never finish high school.

“I wanted to use my skills to help those kids,” she said. “A lot of the people I went to school with are now struggling with drugs, poverty and violence.

“I had a really lucky childhood and I guess I just want to share that luck.”

With that in mind, Ms Jones has launched a campaign to fund a new website called Blossom Connect.

The website would put parents in touch with businesses and community organisations who could help them, as well as other parents.

“A lot of people don’t have time to do lots of research or even to Google,” Ms Jones said. “I am doing the market research and providing it back to businesses to make sure the community is being heard and responded to.”

The website would also aim to promote services people were unaware of, such as paediatric specialists, children’s counsellors and in-home carers.

“It is about giving these things a broader reach,” Ms Jones said.

A YouTube video explaining the project has already attracted some interest.

Ms Jones has hired a company to begin work on the website, which will cost $3000 to set up. Once up, Ms Jones said she would volunteer her time to run the website and that it would be free to use.

If you would like to donate to the project, visit