Killer Ross Streeter has no memory of shooting family members

AN Avoca man who shot and killed his father and uncle at a remote farmhouse earlier this year, claims he cannot remember the slayings, the Supreme Court heard on Monday. 

Ross James Streeter, 31, went to his family's Natte Yallock farmhouse on the morning of March 14 this year where he killed his uncle, John Streeter, with a shotgun. 

Leaving the farmhouse, Streeter returned a short time later and killed his father, Douglas Streeter. Streeter has pleaded guilty to two counts of murder. 

The Supreme Court heard Streeter, who according to his defence team can only remember arguing with his uncles, tried to take his own life two days after the murders. 

Streeter sent his brother Anthony a text message on March 16 saying "I've gone to be with dad and Jack (John Streeter)... sorry but I have to go". 

Anthony later found Streeter in a pool of blood at a water tower near Avoca, with deep lacerations on his wrist. 

The court heard Streeter confessed to the murders, telling his brother "it was me". 

Michael O'Connell, SC, for Streeter, said while his client accepted responsibility, he couldn't remember either murder. 

Psychiatrist Dr Lester Walton gave evidence that Streeter showed no signs of mental impairment, adding it wasn't uncommon for people to lose memory after committing violent crimes.

"For the life of me I can't remember what happened, it's all a blur to me," Streeter wrote to his mother while in prison. 

Crown Prosecutor Mark Rochford, SC, rejected the defence claims, calling for a lengthy jail term.

"This is a senseless, chilling, premeditated double murder," Mr Rochford said. 

The court heard Streeter's father and uncle had offered Streeter a one-third share of the farm in the months leading up to their murders, signing new wills on February 13.

Mr Rochford revealed Streeter drove himself and "associate", Craig Fazulla, to the farm about 7.25am.

Streeter left Fazulla at two separate locations on the farm while he killed his uncle, and then father. 

At one point an upset Streeter returned to Fazulla saying he had just "offed" his uncle.

He would later tell homicide squad detectives that he had not seen his father or uncle on the day of the murders. 

The court heard Streeter had an enjoyable childhood and loved his father, Douglas. 

Defence barrister Michael O'Connel, SC, said Douglas had been diagnosed with terminal motor neuron disease in 2012 and was given as little as 16 months to live.

Mr O'Connel said Streeter rejected claims that murdering his father was a mercy killing.Victim impact statements read to the court included one from Douglas and John's surviving brother, Stuart. "I lay awake at night... the horrid thoughts are endless," the statement said. "I am often consumed with thoughts of how my brothers were killed."

Justice Lex Lasry remanded Streeter to re-appear on December 18 for sentencing. 

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