BDBD: Smeaton wins top four placing after a slow start

Smeaton has continued its assault on the Ballarat District Bowls Division one midweek pennant top teams, defeating Central Wendouree A by 10 shots.

The home team won all three rinks with 78 shots in the grand final rematch, securing the lead after the first rink by one shot.

Third rink skipper Helen Mizzeni said she was thrilled with the result after such a close match, winning her rink by four shots. 

“It was the first rink win I’ve had for the year and I didn’t expect it against Central Wendouree,” Mizzeni said. “I can’t remember beating Central Wendouree. 

“We played them the first round of the season and we won two rinks. The last rink we were down by six shots and lost the game by one shot. 

Mizzeni said each team member performed well under pressure.

“Elizabeth Cosgrave had a really tight match against Jill Kenyon in the second rink, they were neck-and-neck all day,” she said. 

“Rhonda Armstrong and Elizabeth Kierce were 21-all at one point, so we were thrilled to get three rinks.”

Smeaton has now entered the top four from fifth position, joining Central Wendouree A, Sebastopol and Avenue.

Mizzeni said Smeaton’s chance at the grand final are now much more promising since beating Sebastopol last round, despite a slow start to the season.

“We were really worried about three weeks ago we might get relegated,” she said.

She said a pleasant breeze passing through Smeaton allowed for a great day in the sun. 

“No complaints about the heat, it was a lovely day and we couldn’t have asked for better.”

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