Bull-mastiffs seized after puppy mauled to death in family driveway

The City of Ballarat has seized two bull-mastiff dogs from Mount Pleasant after they allegedly mauled and killed a young family’s beloved Maltese terrier puppy.

A Mount Pleasant boy was left traumatised after witnessing the attack in the driveway of his home on Saturday.

His mother Rose Castner said she was in the driveway of her Tress Street house at 4.30pm when two “big and muscular” dogs appeared and attacked their eight-month-old puppy Coco in front of her young son, Joseph, and her 12-week old baby.

Ms Castner said Joseph was still holding Coco’s lead when one of the dogs picked up the puppy in its jaws.

“I’m so lucky I was thinking quickly and I told him to drop the lead,” she said. “They killed her right in front of us and they dragged her body away in their mouths.”

The City of Ballarat has seized two bull-mastiff dogs and is collecting statements from witnesses, including police officers who were in the area.

City of Ballarat infrastructure general manager Eric Braslis said the council was investigating after officers received a call-out at 5.50pm Saturday to collect two contained bull-mastiff dogs who were in the vicinity of an alleged attack.

“The dogs are currently impounded and will be held pending the outcome of the investigation,” Mr Braslis said.

Ms Castner said both dogs had brindle coats and black studded collars.

“They were all psyched up like they were going to kill us,” she said.

“There was nothing we could do. There was nothing around me and I had the baby screaming in the pram.”

Ms Castner said she was scared to leave the front door of her house and could still see the scuff marks where the dogs killed Coco before dragging the pup’s body and dumping her down the street.

Ms Castner said she met a man on the bus earlier this week who claimed the same animals once bailed his wife and daughter up against a fence.


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