Lambley Nursery and Gardens to feature on Better Homes and Gardens again

LAMBLEY Nursery and Gardens will feature on Better Homes and Gardens for the third time. 

Better Homes presenter and horticulturist Graham Ross and his crew visited the nursery on Monday and a private garden in Ballarat yesterday. 

Mr Ross said he knew of Lambley nursery owner David Glenn’s reputation long before Better Homes and Gardens first visited the nursery, which is where he met him for the first time.

“People like David are becoming an endangered species: the expert plantsmen,” Mr Ross said.

“He has such great integrity and can grow so many things in such extreme conditions.”

In the segment, Mr Ross will concentrate on plants that suit all weather conditions. 

Mr Glenn said he had respect for Mr Ross, as he was a gardener himself and not just a presenter.

Mr Glenn started the nursery from scratch with his wife, renowned artist Criss Canning, who has helped with the design of the property.

“I think what helps is we do it for us and try to impress ourselves and each other and then we hope it impresses everyone else too.

“It is my garden and my play garden, it’s just open to the public.”

Mr Ross will shoot his 700th episode for the show in April next year, an Australia record in his 20th year with the show.

“There’s a lot to see in Australia, but when I come here I do see the best.” 

Mr Ross said he loved his job and took it very seriously.

“In Australia, we do have it better than other countries,” he said.

“Yes we have extreme cold and extreme hot, but I’ve just got back from Japan and they, like Europe, are going into 100 days

of blizzard. 

“We don’t have such inhospitable weather for plants. 

“We can garden most days of the week, most weeks of the year.” 

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