Residents says NBN contractors damaged fence

A BALLARAT resident has been left outraged after workers installing the National Broadband Network in the city cracked his brick fence.

Dr Carl Grace said the incident occurred last week.

“I came back and thought ‘what is all this’? They had tried to clean it up a bit,” he said.

However, Dr Grace was further shocked when he came home yesterday to find cables attached to the outside wall of his Mair Street apartment.

“I thought, I can’t believe this, that is my bloody apartment, but it has depreciated it incredibly,” he said. 

Dr Grace said he was not contacted in regard to any of the works. 

He said he contacted the construction company responsible, asking them to repair the brick fence. 

However, the company denied the incident occurred, claiming the fence was already broken on their arrival. 

“Unless I could produce a photograph of what it was like before, they wouldn’t do anything. Well, why would I have that?” Dr Grace said. 

The body corporate that manages the properties said it had already begun getting quotes to get it fixed if the company agreed to pay the costs. 

The construction company has been contacted for comment. NBN Co said it was investigating the situation.

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