McDougall brothers double up with ATAR of 99.60

IT was a case of deja vu for one family after the release of VCE results yesterday. 

Ballarat Clarendon College dux Andrew McDougall received the same score, 99.60, as his brother did two years ago. 

His brother was also dux of the school. 

“I think it was more that it was the same as my brother’s score that really caught me, more so than the score itself,” Mr McDougall said 

“I walked in and showed Mum and Dad and they laughed and then I went and woke him up and he laughed as well.” 

Andrew plans to study a bachelor of science at the University of Melbourne with a strong focus on maths. 

“I just want to experience all different kind of maths and see where it takes me, I am not sure on my career path yet,” he said. Ballarat Clarendon College principal David Shepherd said he was delighted by the results with 90 per cent of the college  students receiving a score over 70. 

“We are really pleased that everyone seems to be getting benefit from the work we are doing. They put their head down and it is up to them after that,” he said. 

“They have worked really hard, the staff have worked really hard, the parents have worked really hard. 

“It is a team approach from everyone and everyone has to do their little bit. 

“They need their support at home and their

parents are fantastic.”

Hundreds of students across the district discovered their scores yesterday. 

“You saw a lot of people on Facebook very early, which is unusual, and a lot of people asking around about your score and if you were happy,” Andrew said. 

Andrew said the result was the culmination of a lot of hard work. 

“Not even this year but the whole seven or 13 years and it comes down to this so, to get the results is really


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