Bouncer knocks out 21-year-old at Ballarat pub

POLICE are warning party goers and security alike to "take a step back", following an incident at the Western Hotel at the weekend that left a patron in hospital.

A 21-year-old Ballarat man was momentarily unconscious on the footpath out the front of the Sturt Street hotel about 8pm on Sunday, after an altercation with a bouncer.

Treated by other patrons and hotel staff, he lay on the pavement for about half an hour, before he was stretchered into the back of an ambulance and taken to hospital.

Western Hotel owner Dan Cronin said the patron involved in the incident was banned from the venue and reacted violently when asked to leave.

Mr Cronin said security staff acted appropriately in the circumstances and reiterated the warning for revelers to behave appropriately when celebrating in the lead up to Christmas.

Police attended the incident, but the man has since withdrawn his complaint against the bouncer.

Speaking in a general sense, Ballarat police Acting Senior Sergeant Peter Carey said people needed to be more careful when out on the town.

Thursday and Friday this week are expected to be busy nights in Ballarat's licensed venues, as the majority of trades people finish work for the year.

"Everyone needs to take a step back at some point, we want everyone to celebrate Christmas," Acting Senior Sergeant Carey said.

"We don't want people locked up or people in hospital. But at the same time people need to look after themselves."

Operation Tradie will again see uniformed police swamp Ballarat's streets and licence venues later this week, with a high visibility approach to be taken to limit any incidents.

Bouncers, as well as patrons, are being reminded to think before they act in all circumstances this week.

"Most of the bouncers are pretty well trained," Acting Senior Sergeant Carey said.

"People have to take it upon themselves not to get in those circumstances though. A lot of these people this week will be out representing their employers so there should be the added responsibility to behave appropriately."

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