Waubra residents want their community's name back

WAUBRA is about its school, its sporting clubs and its community groups, not its wind farm, according to Waubra Community Hub committee member Karen Molloy.

“Our community is coming along in leaps and bounds and that’s what Waubra should be known for,” Ms Molloy said.

Waubra Foundation refuses to change its name

Waubra residents yesterday expressed disappointment at the Waubra Foundation’s decision not to remove the town’s name from its title, despite a  300-signature petition.

“We’re very disappointed that the directors are so single-minded in their dislike of wind farms that they don’t realise this,” Ms Molloy said.

“We’ve been clear that they can carry on their campaigning against wind farms if they want but, out of respect for the people who live here, leave our name out of it.”

Waubra farmer Doug Hobson said their plea to be left alone had “fallen on deaf ears”.

“It’s pretty arrogant really, pretending to know what’s best for Waubra when they live hundreds of kilometres away and barely know anyone here,” Mr Hobson said.

“If they’d come and spoken to more than a handful of people here, they’d realise that most of us are very happy with the wind farm.

“The wind farm’s made the future of this town more secure and brought in a whole new group of workers.”

"We won’t allow them to break our spirit. We’re just a great little town"

Fellow resident Kerryn Gallagher said the town was far from being divided over wind farms, with 16 community groups now operating in Waubra.

“We’ve got that spark back in us,” Ms Gallagher said.

“We won’t allow them to break our spirit. We’re just a great little town.”

Phyllis Bourke even said the wind farm was “the best thing that’s happened to this town in years”.

The Waubra Community Hub will consider how to continue its fight over the Christmas break.

“We’re not going to take this one lying down and we’re very upset by the damage this organisation is causing our town,” Mr Hobson said.

“We’re currently trying to work out how on earth we can convey to these people what Waubra is actually about.

“We will continue to fight to convince these people that they have no right to be dragging Waubra’s name through the mud.”

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