Jason John Dinsley jailed for life for murder of Sharon Siermans

PAROLEE killer Jason John Dinsley has been jailed for life with a minimum of 32 years for the brutal murder of Ballarat mother Sharon Siermans.

In delivering the sentence, Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth said: "the need for community protection and specific deterrence loom large in this case, given the nature of the offending, your prior criminal history, and the fact that the offending occurred while you were on parole."

"Sharon Siermans, like any other person in this society, had the right to choose who she wanted to date without suffering fatal consequences," she said.

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In a chilling and calculated act, a rejected Dinsley broke into Ms Siermans' Doveton Street home in the early hours of April 6 this year before attempting to rape her at knife point and then bashing her to death with a cricket bat. 

Ms Siermans' four-year-old son hid in his room during the attack, at one point seeing his mother being bashed.

Dinsley was on parole when he killed Ms Siermans, 29, having served a seven-year sentence for the 2006 rape of a 52-year-old woman who he raped at knife point and tried to strangle. 

Dinsley's plea hearing in the Supreme Court heard he had met Ms Siermans only once in early January and that she had rejected him because he was "dirty and embarrassing".

Walking past Ms Siermans' home about 2am on April 6, Dinsley became furious when he thought of Ms Siermans' rejection. 

The court heard Dinsley returned to his Sebastopol home and searched for 40 minutes for an appropriate weapon. 

He then walked back to Doveton Street with a cricket bat, broke in a back window, "flipped" and killed Ms Siermans.

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