Waubra wind group name debate continues

A PRO-WIND farm lobby group has called on local politicians to help Waubra residents reclaim their town’s name.

Friends of the Earth renewable energy spokesman Leigh Ewbank said politicians needed to intervene after anti-wind farm group, the Waubra Foundation, refused to remove the town’s name from its title this week.

“Does Premier Denis Napthine think it’s acceptable for an anti-wind farm campaign group to co-opt a town’s name for their own ideological purposes?” Mr Ewbank said.

“Waubra Foundation office holders live between 122 and 793 kilometres from Waubra.

“Such vast distances make a mockery of their use of the town’s name. If the foundation won’t respect the wishes of locals, then that leaves politicians to intervene.”

Mr Ewbank said all available public polling showed support for wind energy, with a Pacific Hydro-commissioned 2011 poll finding 84 per cent of Victorians supported wind farms.

“The Waubra Foundation is a fringe group, out-of-touch with the views of Victorians. It’s time they stopped misrepresenting themselves as having any links to Waubra.”

In a written statement earlier this week, the Waubra Foundation said its name was revered by wind project victims worldwide.

“To change the name now would halt the momentum achieved by years of work by a small team of volunteers,” the statement read.

It said the foundation would not be making further comment on its decision.

However, Waubra residents, who sent a 300-signature petition to the foundation, also said this week they would continue to fight to have their town’s name removed from its title.


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