Sergeant Kori Fraser misses out on Christmas family time to keep the streets safe

AS A father of four young children, Ballarat policeman Kori Fraser missed out seeing the bright eyes and hearing the oohs and ahhs as his youngsters opened their Christmas presents yesterday morning.

He started duties early yesterday morning, working alongside many dedicated policemen and women in the region to keep our streets safe.

For Sergeant Fraser, his festive duties also extend to Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve.

“I have a wife and four young children. I’m starting early on Christmas Day, so hopefully I will get to spend some time with them in the evening when I finish work,” he said.

“... Christmas is a big deal to them. They do get upset that we (police) don’t get to spend time with them during the Christmas period, but hopefully they will understand one day that other people need our help too ... that Christmas is about caring and helping others, not just yourself.”

While most people were tucking into the Christmas spread, Sergeant Fraser spent his day supervising police units, the Ballarat Police Station, prisoners and the general community.

“Enforcement of road safety and family violence will be high on our priorities over the festive time,” Sergeant Fraser said.

Victoria Police was mindful that, despite working on Christmas Day, its members could  still celebrate in some way, he said.

Sergeant Fraser stressed there was an upside to working over the festive season.

“The benefits include getting out and dealing with people in the community, seeing how others celebrate Christmas and making sure they have a happy and safe time and they get to where they want to go safely and responsibly,” Sergeant Fraser said.

“Christmas is a time to celebrate with family and friends, to make sure you do it in a safe and friendly manner, respect others and don’t drink to excess.

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