Ballarat breakfast report January 1


It will be a windy and rainy New Years Day in Ballarat, with a forecast top of 24 degrees. Ballarat will see rain into the early afternoon, with showers expected later in the night. 


Ballarat Police detained four people in the watch house overnight for being drunk in a public place. Police reported no instances of drink drivers or public nuisance. 


Ballarat City Fire was called to a couple of incidents involving illegal bonfires overnight. Crews were called to Kenworthy Place in Mt Helen around 10.20pm last night, followed by a call out to a Yarrowee St, Sebastopol property at 11.30pm. 

Crews also attended to a garbage bin fire with exploding aerosol cans at 12.37pm in Ballarat. 


SES Victoria crews spent last night searching for an elderly man, who had been reported missing in the Lake Bellfield area around 8pm. Victoria Police later located the man at home. SES Victoria said the man managed to hitch hike home. 


Ambulance Victoria attended to no incidents involving trauma overnight. 


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