P-plate restrictions don't worry Tom

FOR one local driver, the tight restrictions on probationary drivers haven’t had an adverse impact. 

New P-plate drivers  have vehicle and passenger restrictions when they first start driving by themselves. 

Tom Gray, who is on his green P-plates, will get his full licence at the end of the year. 

“I haven’t had any problems,” he said. 

“There were times when it would be frustrating but it wouldn’t be that bad.” 

The graduated licensing system was introduced in 2008 and increased the number of years probationary drivers were on their P-plates from three to four years. 

Mr Gray said it was good to see the drop in road deaths in the young age bracket.

TAC is famous for having advertising campaigns which aim to shock drivers while having an impact. 

“Certain scare campaign have worked but some others probably haven’t worked in the past,” Mr Gray said.

“But definitely there have been some quite confronting ones that would have done the trick for some people.”