Keep a New Year's resolution to keep fit by taking small steps

The New Year’s resolution to get fit would have been made by a lot of residents on Tuesday night. 

It is a staple resolution which many don’t end up sticking to but, according to VicHealth, it is still important to do what you can to keep fit. 

VicHealth chief executive Jerril Rechter said people should approach exercise in small steps. 

“We do have the message that it isn’t too late too make a change and in the new year is when people do have the time to think about how they want their life to be,” she said. 

“A lot of people say ‘I want to do more’ and ‘I need to do more’, so we really do find it is a great time to find the activity that suits them and don’t give up.

“You don’t have to jump to having five days of doing physical activity in week one.”

In March, VicHealth released an app to help individuals find the right activity for them.

The app, TeamUp, allows users to post their own sports or physical activity which others can then join in on. 

Ballarat residents have got behind the app with numerous postings being made in the area, many of which are running groups.

Ms Rechter said the app had exceeded expectations, with more than 9000 downloads so far. 

“Not everyone wants to go to the gym or join the local football club or netball club,” she said. “They want to do activities in their own time, so that is why we created the app.” 

Ms Rechter said regional cities had some advantages for people when tackling the common New Year’s resolution. 

“You don’t have that hustle and bustle you might have in the city life so you can find that extra 30 minutes and sometimes that is the hardest thing. 

“Just do things you know you can achieve, if it is just walking your dog three nights a week or in the morning before you go to work. 

“Just start small and don’t feel like you have to do to the gym, sign up and pay the money and then feel guilty that you haven’t been.” 

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