Rail works add extra time for commuters

COMMUTERS are dealing with the longer travel times while further Regional Rail Link works get underway.

The current works mean commuters are taking coaches adding extra time to the regular commute.

For one man, the change came as a shock yesterday as he was not aware of the change

until The Courier approached him. 

Murray Murphy said he took the train at least once a month, however he wasn’t too concerned about the change to buses.

“This is one of the better times to do it, I suppose, with students being on holidays,” he said. “In the end I guess it will be worth it.” 

The works will ensure the Ballarat trains do not get caught behind Metro trains which was something Mr Murphy said he had experienced during his other trips. 

“I have been caught behind Metro before so that is a good thing to fix,” he said. 

The works will continue until January 19 and a different timetable is available while this is occurring. 

Public Transport Victoria suggests adding an extra 30 minutes when planing your trips.