Screaming teens descend on Regent for Reece Mastin

BALLARAT teenager Ada Delaney may have already shed a tear tonight for her pop star idol Reece Mastin. 

"I've cried. And probably will again," Ada, 15, said. 

It's her birthday in 12 days and she's hoping Reece will serenade her with Happy Birthday on stage tonight. 

"Or he can just give me a kiss," Ada said. 

Tonight the 2011 X Factor winner will perform in front of a sold-out crowd of screaming teenage girls (and some boys) at the Regent Theatre. 

The pop star signed merchandise for fans lucky enough to nab a space in line from 6.30pm.

Elizabeth Courtney, 15, was also beside herself. 

The teen and her best friend Melisa Wilson, 14, walked away from the merchandise stand in tears. 

"Um, um, um, I don't know what to say," Elizabeth said. 

"I can't believe I met him... I can't even remember what he said to me." 

Ballarat mum Amie Marshman and her son Hunter, 6, said Santa had purchased the two last tickets for them for tonight's show. 

"Santa got the tickets in the nick of time," Amie said. 

"I'm very excited. But we're in the back row and separated. We might have to get some nice people to move along." 

Hunter said he styled his hair like Reece every morning. He was even sporting the do on the night. 

"I'm looking forward to the concert," he said.