BFL, CHFL league chiefs support player points system

BALLARAT and Central Highlands football leagues’ chiefs have formed a united voice, backing the introduction of a player points system across the state.

Michael Toner, chairman of the BFL, and CHFL president Eddy Comelli told The Courier that all competitions across Victoria must be included in a new system for it to work effectively.

Toner even hoped leagues bordering the state could be included under a new scheme, which Goldfields regional general manager Rod Ward said could be introduced as soon as 2015.

Various models of systems will be discussed, with the idea to create a level playing field for all senior teams.

Under a basic model, clubs would get a set points cap for each match, to be spread across the 22 players of the senior team.

 Players, depending on their experience, would be ranked accordingly and required to fit under the total cap.

Toner said the BFL had trialled a points system in the past, with some success.

“It worked to a degree but, as a board, we decided because we were trying to do it ourselves we were cutting our own throats, basically,” Toner said.

“It’s a matter of getting the model right.”

Comelli said the Central Highlands clubs had shown strong support for a system to be introduced soon.

“We’ve spoken about it at our delegate meetings and yes, there is a groundswell for some sort of a system to come in,” he said.

“Probably in the last three or four years, the money side of things all over the state seems to have ramped up a fair bit. 

“It is obviously impacting on clubs now.”