Fantastic vibe on the top of Mount Buninyong

IT WAS a scene that would not have looked out of place on television at the Tour de France.

Crowds lining the road, spectators cheering loudly and clapping in the faces of competitors and, of course, the incessant clanging of cow bells.

Not to mention the competition to capture the best photo on a phone.

Mt Buninyong may be an extinct volcano, but it certainly erupted yesterday.

Pre-race shuttle buses up the Midland Highway were packed since opening at 9.30am.

The 1.4-kilometre stretch along Mount Buninyong Road was filled with spectators hoping to get the most extended view of the cyclists as they battled up the tough terrain.

Among them was the Disseldorp family, draped in gold and with an elaborate set-up at the front of the property of Peter and Pauline Roche, the owners of the Bended Knee vineyard.

With a television showing the live feed all day, the Disseldorps had the best of both world's throughout the day.

"Last year we had about 200 people huddle around on the last lap watching the television to see who won," Bill Disseldorp said.

At the Buninyong CFA sausage sizzle, volunteers were armed with 2500 sausages

"We have 18 members on duty, the trucks are on standby and ready to go," brigade captain Marc Cannan said.

"It's important to keep the community as safe as we can."

Thousands flocked to the final stetch of the race later in the afternoon, hoping to catch a glimpse of the winner and, of course, the crowd favourite Cadel Evans.

Unfortunately not many could get closer than five or six deep on the fence, as fans stetched to get within touching distance of the star.

As the day ended, many of the fans spent the last of their energy looking for their vehicles in the Buninyong back streets, only to get stuck in traffic moments later, altough after a day like yesterday, most didn't seem to mind.