Fire in Trawalla gum tree plantation contained

8.20PM: CFA officials have told the Courier the fire is now contained and major roads are open in the area. 

However, drivers are urged to avoid the area if they can with smoke impacting visibility and speed restrictions still in effect.  Fire crews are expected to continue working throughout the night. 

5.10PM: CFA advice for residents of Chepstowe, Mount Emu, Mena Park and Brewster has been downgraded to watch and act, however the fire is not yet under control.

4PM: THE CFA has issued an emergency warning for Brewster, Chepstowe, Mount Emu and Mena Park. The grassfire is out of control and spotting up to 500 metres ahead of the main fire.

The fire is moving fast, travelling southwest from Trawalla East Road towards Carngham-Streatham Roads and Morchup-Mount Emu Roads between the Trawalla West Road, North and South Road and Kayleys Lane.


3.30PM: ABOUT 30 CFA crews and aircraft are fighting a grass fire in a blue gum plantation near Trawalla.

Police sergeant Peter Anderson said the fire may have started as a result of a piece of agriculture equipment in a paddock.

The fire is currently about 20 hectares but is not threatening any properties.

A watch and act alert has been issued for residents Stockyard Hill, Trawalla, Brewster, Mount Emu, Mena Park and Lake Goldsmith.

The CFA advises that leaving the area is the safest option.