Two men arrested after police raid house in Canadian

POLICE have executed a search warrant at a house in Canadian, in which a number of stolen goods have been recovered.

Police raided the Spencer Street property about 8.30am this morning, finding a number of stolen late model cars and a suspected stolen tow truck.

A 35-year-old and a 20-year-old man have been arrested and are currently being interviewed at the Ballarat police station.

A locked safe has also been uncovered, although police are yet to open it and find out what it contains.

Police are expected to be on scene throughout the morning.

The house is fitted with video surveillance cameras, with the backyard surrounded by high fences and a gate.

A Hyundai Veloster located out the front of the house is believed to be stolen, while a BMW has also been recovered at the rear of the property, which is located next to Sparrow Ground.