Business is booming at Ararat fruit and vegetables store Brasser's Market Fresh

ONE business has taken advantage of the health craze that is gripping Ararat. 

Brasser’s Market Fresh owner Ann Brasser said her business was booming. 

After taking over the business last year Ms Brasser said they had gone from having a staff of two to now having eight, and they have also opened a cafe serving healthier options. 

“All of the people were asking for a lot things which were healthier and were not available in Ararat,” she said. 

“Definitely people have more interest in health since The Biggest Loser came to town, for sure.”

Public demand has led to the store providing more health-food items, and even a $30 fruit and vegetable pack that residents were grabbing very quickly. 

“I was actually part of a few of the town challenges they had and provided a lot of fruit and vegetables,” she said. 

Ms Brasser admitted Ararat wasn’t the healthiest city before The Biggest Loser came along, but the change since then had been obvious. 

“You see a lot people out walking and I have even noticed some customers who have lost up to 20 or 30 kilograms,” she said.

“They were just everyday residents.”