Powercor holds up well under high demand for electricity

POWERCOR says the electricity network has managed to hold up quite well despite some of the toughest conditions seen in five years.

Across the state, the intense heat ensured demand for electricity exceeded 10,000 megawatts for the past four consecutive days.

Air-conditioners have been operating full-time across Ballarat for much of the week, with stifling conditions keeping temperatures around 40 degrees.

Parts of Ballarat were hit by power outages yesterday, affecting 195 customers in Redan and Newington.

A failing high voltage fuse caused the outage  about 9am, with services back online in the early afternoon. 

Powercor spokesman Douglas Drew said it was likely the high load from this week’s heatwave would have contributed to the outage.

“It’s a very sensitive network right now; I wouldn’t be surprised if it was under considerable stress,” he said.

The state’s electricity network has been under heavy load all week, with power outages due to extreme heat conditions and lightning resulting in faults.

Powercor said its crews had been working tirelessly in very tough conditions to minimise any disruptions to the electricity network.

Mr Drew said about 75,000 customers in the Powercor network had experienced a power interruption through the week.