Lake Wendouree resident signs up to NBN, 'not blown away by it'

STEPHEN Britton signed up for an NBN fibre connection in December after recently moving to Lake Wendouree.

He said he used to have an ADSL connection when he lived in Invermay Park but opted to connect to the NBN when he heard it was coming to his new suburb.

However, Mr Britton said he hasn’t been blown away by its potential.

“With all the hype and stuff, my expectation is that it would have been significantly quicker,” he said. “I thought it would be really, really quick. That speed sounds really impressive but I don’t know what I was expecting with the overall cost (of the project).”

With a wi-fi connection throughout his house, most of Mr Britton’s internet use is through an iPad and sometimes a laptop.

He uses the internet mainly for browsing of news, travel and entertainment and said he would investigate how to get the most out of his high-speed internet, including services such as IPTV.

He doesn’t do business from home but likes to have the option if needed.

Happily, the cost is almost exactly the same as his old ADSL connection.

“I’m not a tech head, my view is that when I walk in to my home and use my iPad it should update at a reasonable level,” he said.