Rebellion brew finds favour at festival

In the space of two hours, 600 types of beer quenched thousands of thirsty mouths. 

But for Ballarat’s Rebellion Brewery director Andrew Lavery, it was all in a day’s work.  This is the third year the microbrewery came to the Ballarat Beer Festival – and this year, it was the only local representative. 

“Following Red Duck pulling out of the event, we’re the only ones,” Andrew said. 

A long line of beer lovers queued outside the Rebellion tent, but the staff kept the fast-moving line under control. 

“The Rat Gold Lager, Premium Lager and Pale Ales have gone really well today,” Andrew said yesterday. 

Even traditional non-beer drinkers were giving the brew a go. 

“Usually, you have wine drinkers progressing to cider drinkers and then people progressing to beer,” he said.

 “I’d recommend a pale ale for those progressing from cider to beer. It’s a bit fruitier.” 

Andrew said this year the festival had found its rhythm.

“The first year we ran out of beer about halfway through the day. Last year we had a bit too many brewers here,” Andrew said. “But now they’ve found a balance.” 

While many soaked up the atmosphere in the sun or on hay bales, Andrew said for him the perfect place to have a beer wasn’t at the festival but “outside on the deck at home”.