Bill Hoare clocks up 50 years working with Oliver Footear

FIFTY years in one workplace might seem impossible to many of us. 

But yesterday, Bill Hoare clocked up 50 years working for Oliver Footwear after beginning at the company at the age 14. 

“I never really liked school, I hated school,” he said. 

“Mum and Dad said ‘well you can leave but you have to get a job’ so this is where I started.”

Mr Hoare is the third employee to have clocked up 50 years at the company, following on from Bill Pike and Phyllis Wright.

Oliver Footwear merged with Honeywell International in 2012. 

“I have met a lot of good people and seen a lot of changes in the place,” Mr Hoare said. 

“At times it was up and down.

“At times they would put people off and you never would never know if you would have a job, but it has served me well. 

“I will stay another 12 months and see what happens, I will take it as it comes and see how I feel.” 

Mr Hoare was presented with a certificate yesterday to commemorate the day. 

However, the presentation was a surprise organised by supply manager Neil Lee. 

“Fifty years in one job is a lifetime,” Mr Lee said. “He has been a loyal man to the company and has been well-liked.”