Fire authorities remind residents in Golden Plains Shire to be on high alert

FIRE authorities are reminding residents in Golden Plains Shire to remain on high alert following last week’s fires in Maude.

According to the Country Fire Authority (CFA), the dry period caused forested areas across the state to lose moisture, making them more prone to fires.

“Even though we’ve got through the heatwave, it’s still summer, we’re still going to get reasonably warm days and we’re still going to get winds,” CFA Grampians region community education co-ordinator Chris Carey said.

“The period of dry weather has dried everything out and that makes everything more combustible so we need to be aware of that.”

The warning followed last week’s grass fire at Maude, which burned 350 hectares.

Emergency warnings were issued for She Oaks and Steiglitz, with Meredith residents asked to be on alert.

The fire, which was believed to have started by a car in Maude, travelled north-west towards Steiglitz and She Oaks. Fire crews from across the region attended the blaze. 

Mr Carey said it was vital that residents stayed informed about fires for the remainder of summer. 

“Have a plan in place so you know what would trigger you to leave and know where you’re going to go and what you’re going to do. It is important to be aware, stay alert, have a plan and continue to monitor conditions,” he said.