Can you help solve the musical mystery of Eyres House?

CAROL Muller has been working at Ballarat Health Services' Eyres House for 26 years but even she can't solve its musical mystery.

A magnificent Crown Organ built by renowned Chicago organ maker Geo P. Bent has been on the Ligar Street premises ever since Mrs Muller can remember – but no-one knows where it came from.

A plaque on the organ says it was donated to the Queen Elizabeth Benevolent Home by Miss A. Tyrie in memory of her parents, the late William and Annie Tyrie, her late uncle Charles Tyrie and her late brothers William, Charles and Gordon Tyrie.

There is no date on the plaque but Mrs Muller said it had been a long time since the Queen Elizabeth Centre had been a benevolent home.

Crown Organs were also mainly produced in the late 19th century.

The organ's sound buttons also include interesting instruments, including the cello, the celeste, a treble coupler and a sub-bass.

"It has a beautiful sound to it," Mrs Muller said.

"It was here when we first came here. It's just been moved from room to room."

"It was here when we first came here. It's just been moved from room to room"

She said it was never played anymore because none of the current clients knew how to play the organ.

However, a few musical clients "way back" had given performances on it.

"It really is a typical church organ. I'd love to get it done up but there's not enough money to do it."

If anyone has any information about the organ, they can contact Eyres House on 5332 4720.

Eyres House is a respite centre for people with dementia.